I have supervised 4 Postdoc and Research Assistants, 6 full-time PhD students (ongoing) and over 30 masters thesis students:

Postdoc / RA:

  • Dr Awais Khan (2022): Unmaking and Design.
  • India Anderson (2021): Co-Design in Men’s Shed.
  • Anabelle Cooper (2020): Co-Design in low SES communities.
  • Dr Diogo Quintal (2019): Ethnography in informal makerspaces in Australia.

Ongoing PhD/MPhil Supervision:

  • Sonali Hedditch (2019): Leap-frogging marginalised, under-educated women into STEM skills through human centred design in makerspaces. PHD @ UQ
  • Franklin Khristi (2020): Connecting Making and Health in a Communal Makerspaces. PHD @ UQ
  • Chuike Lee (2021): Fostering Making Practices in People from Low Socio-Economic Backgrounds. PHD @ UQ
  • Hongyi Tao (2021): Mixed-Reality applications for fostering DIY in Low Socio-Economic Communities. PHD @ UQ
  • David (Pok Hin) Chiu (2021): Designing IoT to support independent living for housebound individuals. PHD @ UQ

Thesis Completion:

  • Asam Almohammed (2021): Designing for refugees and asylum seekers: Social inclusion and empowerment. PHD @ QUT
  • Steve Shorney (2020): Utilising human computer interaction evaluation techniques to improve sugar cane transportation. MPhil @ QUT
  • Thilina Hollulawa (2019): Human money interaction: Designing for personal finances in the developing countries. PHD @ QUT
  • Edwin Keijl (2013): Smart Photo Sharing using Mobile App. MPhil @ University of Twente.
  • Arnout De Bruijn (2011): Smart Material Interfaces. MPhil @ University of Twente.
  • Bart Gloudemans (2006): Cultural Probes in Public Spaces. MPhil @ Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.

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