PhD Thesis

On Feb 18th 2011, I successfully defended my PhD thesis titled Designing for Awareness: An Experience-focused HCI Perspective in the presence of the following HCI experts: Prof. Alan Dix, Prof. Liam Bannon, Prof. Gerrit van der Veer and Prof. Anton Nijholt. You can download my thesis from University of Twente library or from this direct link.

Summary: Experience-focused HCI proposes a shift from HCI’s traditional focus on supporting task-based and productivity-oriented goals to encompassing personal, emotional, fulfilling and other experiential aspects, while designing interactive systems. This thesis uses an experience-focused HCI perspective for designing awareness systems – technologies that can convey information about other people’s status information, activities, behaviors and other contextual information. This thesis reports two design cases, in two different contexts: an academic department and a design studio. In both the design cases, the thesis illustrates a complete design cycle, starting from problem definition, through ethnographic fieldwork and designing prototypes to reporting the field trials of these prototypes. Overall, this thesis makes methodological, empirical and technological contributions to the current state of HCI.

PhD Defense


I was fortunate to have a great committee for my PhD defense. In the following picture, from left to right, Prof. Anton Eliens, Prof. Wim Poelman, Dr. Dirk Heylen, Prof. Liam Bannon, Prof. Anton Nijholt, Dr. Dhaval Vyas (me), Prof. Gerrit van der Veer, Prof. Ton Mouthaan, and Prof. Alan Dix.

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